CREATIVE DANCE – An instructor lead creative movement class designed carefully for the two year old dancer. Parents are welcome to watch this fun, introductory movement class for young boys and girls through our glass french doors.

PREBALLET – A preparatory class for ages  3 and 4. Children are introduced to classroom etiquette, basic floor and free-standing exercises, geometric shapes as they relate to dance, the mastery of gross loco motor skills and creative movement. Children enjoy the use of bright visuals, props and lively music.

KINDERBALLET – A dance class designed for ages 4 and 5. Boys and girls expand upon the skills of Preballet. Learned steps are put into combinations and varied in terms of direction, speed and dynamics. The class is conducted in a friendly atmosphere of discipline, fun and learning.

PREPARATORY BALLET – A preparatory ballet class for children ages 6 and 7. Boys and girls are introduced to ballet technique, the ballet barre and ballet terminology. This class transitions the young dancer into classical Ballet within a structure that is appropriate for their age, physical and mental development.

BALLET – Classical Ballet training is offered for students ages 7 through adult. We have devised our own syllabus, tailored to the needs of our student body, largely influenced by the Vaganova method. We believe that sound Classical Ballet training is a solid foundation for all forms of dance.

JAZZ – This sought-after, contemporary dance form has grown in popularity at Stonehouse. Students, age 7 through adult, experience a broad range of American dance styles such as Broadway, Lyrical and Funk. Jazz students are required to take Ballet concurrently in order to build a solid technique base for their Jazz dancing.

POINTE – Pointe technique is offered to Ballet students ages 12 and up, only upon the recommendation of their Ballet teacher. Pointe students are required to take a minimum of two Ballet technique classes per week in addition to Pointe.

BALLET PREP/TAP COMBO – An introductory dance class designed to introduce ages 5 through 7 to Tap while learning the fundamentals of classical Ballet. Combination classes allow young students to get a taste of what each form of dance is all about. As a follow up, when students progress beyond  this level in age and ability, Ballet and Tap are split into separate classes,  allowing more time for each discipline.

JAZZ/TAP COMBO – Similar in format to the above Ballet/Tap combo class, this introductory level class is designed to introduce the young dancer to Jazz  while learning the fundamentals of  Tap. Combination classes are a great tool for young students to get their feet wet in more than one discipline.  As students progress in age and ability, Jazz and Tap are divided into separate classes, allowing more time for each discipline.

TAP – A theatrical form of dance where the artistically placed sounds of the dancer’s feet add another musical dimension. Tap class is offered for ages 7 and up, teens and adults. Concurrent ballet training is not required, but strongly advised.

HIP HOP –  Definitely a high energy dance class which has grown out of today’s pop culture, based on street dancing. Students age 7 through adult will get down and have fun as they move and groove to today’s music after a young person’s fashion. Isolations, rhythm and coordination play a big part in this new dance style.

LYRICAL/MODERN – Learn to express yourself through the music, lyrics and movement in this new, free flowing dance class. The curriculum of this class is a blend of American Modern dance, ballet, and Jazz all executed to contemporary music with meaning and definition. Students can expect to jump and  turn with turn out and in parallel, and develop  floor work, all in this one class.

LYRICAL/BALLET – A more contemporary approach to traditional, classical ballet. This class is targeted towards teens and adults with an elementary understanding of ballet. Students learn floor exercises that help promote strengthening core muscles, turn out, dexterity of feet, flexibility and turn out. The center barre enhances finding one’s center and is very strength building. Center combinations are designed to prepare students for an extended combination of ballet and contemporary movement which rounds out the class. All aspects of the ballet class such as adage, small jumps through big jumps and turns are covered while dancing to a blend of classical and contemporary music.

NUTCRACKER AND COMPETITION CLASSES – These classes are offered as a supplement to technique classes to those qualified students who desire a more intensive performance experience. Participating students are selected by audition. These students perform our annual Nutcracker, participate in competitions throughout the Baltimore/Washington area, and make local public appearances within our community (see “Performing”).





PRIVATE AND SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS – are available upon request. To schedule, call 410-465-7674

Location and Facility

Classes are located in Stonehouse, at the newly renovated Long Reach Village Center, conveniently located right next to the new Safeway on Tamar Drive in Columbia, MD. Click here for directions. Our studios are equipped with resilient flooring, barres and mirrors. Parents may observe class through glass doors. Stonehouse is easily accessible from Routes 29, 95, and 100. Well-lit parking is plentiful.


Registration is in person at Stonehouse. Tuition payments are payable to The Long Reach Community Association and are due prior to the first class meeting. There is no additional registration fee. Columbia lien payers are eligible for a discount as are families with more than one child enrolling. Adult class cards are available.

Dress Code

Creative Dance, Preballet, Kinder Ballet, Preparatory Ballet and combination class girls are to wear leather or canvas pink ballet slippers, pink footed tights and a pink leotard. Boys in these classes are to wear a white t-shirt, black leather or canvas ballet shoes and black dance pants, sweat pants or tights. Black, slip on, jazz shoes are needed for Jazz and black tap shoes for Tap. Female ballet students are to wear pink leather or canvas, split sole ballet slippers, pink footed tights and a black leotard. Male Ballet students are to wear a white t-shirt, a dance belt, black tights or black dance pants and black leather or canvas, split sole ballet shoes. Ballet students with shoulder length and longer hair must wear their hair up in a bun.  Jazz, Tap and Lyrical students may wear leotards and tights of any color but no street clothes. Lyrical dancers wear Lyrical shoes, or bare feet in Lyrical Modern class. Hip Hop students may wear street clothes and sneakers to class.

School Calendar

Classes are held year round with fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. In August we offer dance camp, dance intensive, and dance boot camp. Prior to the fall session, a jump start mini session is offered for students who want to tone up before the fall season. Master classes are offered at various times throughout the year.

Inclement weather

We do not follow public school or recreation and parks in this regard. Information will be posted on our school web site and voice mail. If class is cancelled, the student may make up the class by attending another class at their convenience.

Recommended Dance Supply Stores

Premier Dancegear ( in Columbia; phone 410/418-8804. Foootlights ( in Frederick and Sliver Spring; phone 301/696-1558. Artistic Dance Fashions ( in Towson; phone 410/321-1121. For on line or phone orders contact Discount Dance Supply at,  or call 800/328-7107 and enter teacher code TP30788 to receive a discount.

Performance Opportunities

Visitors’ Day will be held during each last scheduled class meeting in December, prior to Winter break. Family members and friends are invited to observe an informal presentation of class work at that time. Student dance concerts are held annually, presenting students on stage displaying their classroom technique.  Students desiring a more intensive performance experience may audition for our annual Nutcracker production and/or competition teams.


Students are placed according to age, experience, performance, ability and work ethics. For placement questions call the school office at 410-465-7674.

SATELLITE PROGRAMS are available at the following location:

Roger Carter Community Center in Ellicott City:

  1. Creative Dance (course #RP 1019.201) for ages 3-5 begins Friday January 15th from 4:30-5:15pm.
  2. Ballet/Jazz  (course #RP 1018.201) for ages 6 – 12 begins Wednesday January 13th from 4:15-5:45pm.

To register go to or call 410-313-7275.