"Here's How to Get Your Child Into the Premiere BCV Competition Team & Save $5 Too..."

  • From: Cindee Velle

  • Columbia, MD

Cindee Velle

Dear Parent,

If you have a child or children who might be interested in performing in the Nutcracker this winter or joining the Ballet with Cindee Velle Competition Team, then we have good news…

Announcing The 2014-2015 Audition Season

Here’s the deal: We will be opening up registration for the 2014-2015 auditions on Saturday June 14th at our recital at Reservoir High School.

The normal price for auditions is $25.00, but if you sign up at the recital, you will be able to save $5 off the normal price.

Plus, we will only be able to accept the first 50 dancers, so you’ll be able to make sure your child doesn’t get left out.

This Is Not a Hard Commitment

Should your child be chosen, you will then be able to decide if you want to move forward with the selection process. 

Remember, you are in NO WAY obligated to sign your child up for further performances or auditions unless you want to.

(The auditions will be held at Stonehouse on Wednesday evening July 30th.)

Here’s What to Do Next…

To get your child signed up for our no-obligation auditions, make sure to be at the 2014 Recital on June 14th at Reservoir High School. Click the button below to get your tickets to the show so you can make sure your child gets signed up for the auditions!

Cindee Velle