This August - Let Your Daughter Transform Into A Real-Life Princess...

This August, let your daughter (or son!) transform into a real princess (or prince!) for the first time, during Ballet with Cindee Velle’s amazing new “Princess Camp”.

Each day your daughter will learn a new princess’s dance and be taught about the qualities that make a princess who she is.

At the end of the week, she will get to perform for you and all the other parents at our public performance…plus, she will be officially crowned as a princess with all of the new friends she has made during the week!

She will awaken her imagination, creativity, and confidence in this week-long, half-day camp for children 3 to 6 years old.

Just imagine her smiling little face as she transforms into her favorite princess for the week.

Registration is now open for our new “Princess Camp”

Space is extremely limited, so make sure to click the button below ASAP and reserve her seat so she’s not left out. We can’t wait to see her!

August 8th to the 12th

(Only 11 Spots Left!)

August 15th to the 19th

(Only 9 Spots Left!)

Step #1 - Request Our Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Where is the camp being held?

The camp will be at Stonehouse, located at 8775 Cloudleap Ct, Columbia, MD 21045.

2.) How long is the camp?

The camp is a week long. Monday through Friday. Each day is a half day, 9:00am to 12:00pm. We have 2 different weeks. You can register for either one.

3.) Who is the camp for?

Girls & Boys, aged 3 to 6.

4.) What’s the required attire?

For Girls: Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and her favorite princess dress. 🙂

For Boys: black Ballet or Jazz shoes, black sweat pants, white T shirt and your favorite Prince or Superhero outfit.

Other questions? Call or text Cindee at (410) 465-7674